We are extensively working on Outsystems BPT to automate external applications and successfully does the automation.During this implementation we did many customization to achieve a fully automotive solution. We have huge processes which has more than 300 automatic activities in it and all of them are generating some outputs.

Recently i observer that Outsystems only fetches the last 100 activities output within a running process to use it. For example we have automatic activities from 1 to 200 (numbering activities) , now if we want to use output of activity no.1 in later activity no .90 we will get the output but if we try to use the output of activity no. 1 in activity no 101 you will get the "undefined" value.

similarly you can get the output of activity no.2 in activity no 102 but not in activity no. 103. Just wanted to check in the community if someone has already aware of this, however i am in touch with Outsystems Support to check if my understanding is correct or not.



Hi Pramod,

How do you store the output, and how are you retrieving it? Are the activities sequential or running in parallel?

HI Killian,

I am not storing any Output , Platform maintains the Output of each activity and stored it in entity and the same can be used in later activities by simply accessing it by ActivityName.Output variable name.

The activities are sequential .



Hi PJ,

This seems like a bug. Luckily you're already in touch with OS about this :).

Yes Killen ,

I think , by design they kept this limit , i also observed the similar 100 activity limit in "Business Activity Monitoring" Forge component but there you can manually increase the max record length of the query.

Anyways i am in touch with support and hopefully will get the reason behind this.