Customizing your charts using Highcharts API, HTML and JavaScript

Hello everybody!

This week's video is up! We continue to show how to improve the look and feel of your charts widgets using Highcharts API, HTML and JavaScript

You can find the video here -

As always, feedback and suggestions on topics for future videos are appreciated.


Thanks for sharing, great tips.

Just a small remark noticed a typo in the subtitles.

Hi Nuno,

The subtitles are auto-generated by YouTube. Nothing OutSystems (out systems? :)) can do about that, except providing their own subtitles (which would be great, but I wouldn't hold my breath).

Didn't notice the auto-generated, thanks.

Agree that they should provide the subtitles.

Luckily with Scott narrating most videos, the auto subtitle generation is as good as perfect (YouTube is better with GenAm than with Portenglish :)).

That's why I didn't notice, it looked so well that I assume it was provided by OutSystems.

You can easily spot the difference, as the text with auto-subtitled videos appears word-by-word, whereas manually subtitled videos have the traditional way of displaying them (i.e. whole lines at a time).