Get Device Type (Android or iOS)


We've created an app that we want some features to be exclusive to each device type (Android or iOS). How can we do that? I've tried GetDeviceType from MobilePatterns, however, it only shows if the device is a phone or a tablet. 

Hi Rafaela,

You can use this plugin of the forge: or

Other option, you can create a client action, and get the info with javascript, like this:

$parameters.IsAvailable = device.available;
$parameters.CordovaVersion = device.cordova;
$parameters.IsVirtual = device.isVirtual;
$parameters.Manufacturer = device.manufacturer;
$parameters.Model = device.model;
$parameters.Platform = device.platform;
$parameters.Serial = device.serial;
$parameters.Uuid = device.uuid;
$parameters.Version = device.version;




Thank you, Paulo! I've tried your solution, but the plugin you've suggested is not stabe in my environment. 

I've found a different solution: in the Common Plugin there's a "GetPlatform" action which informs if the device is "android" or "ios". I used it with an if statement to only show some features if the device is a determined platform.



You can also use OutSystems' own JavaScript API to obtain that information.