MuleSoft to OutSystems Integration

Is anyone integrating MuleSoft with OutSystems?

I know it can be done using the Rest API, but I wanted to check and see if others are using this integration.

Yes, I have done quite a bit of MuleSoft integration with OutSystems.  In all cases I exposed a REST experience layer service in MuleSoft and just consumed the service from OutSystems.  With the latest versions of Exchange, you can even get Swagger instead of RAML, which can then be easily imported into OutSystems.

Any specific questions about it?

Ok, thanks for the quick response.  No specific questions.  I’m just trying to do some research at this point.

Sounds like it is a pretty straightforward integration, and we shouldn’t have any issues using outsystems.

The only place we had to spend a bit of time was around authorization, since we were going from OutSystems Cloud to CloudHub.  We ended up using OAuth2 with client_id and client_secret specific to each primary OutSystems application.  Then of course you also need to consider your storage mechanism for client_secret.

Ok, this was very helpful.  I will also have to consider this as well.  Thanks for the help.

We are integrating MuleSoft with OutSystems too, using the Rest API also. It is working well for us here :)