We wanted to build/create a Drools business rule management system like functionalities within the OutSystems.

Can someone kindly help us in this direction, maybe providing few insights on how to begin or the approach to be taken.

We have come across the below question in the forum, but it talks more on the BPT front:




Hi Talluri Chandra,

I guess the first question I would ask would be: what's the end goal? Building a rule engine from scratch seems quite a complex project to start without a very strong reason.

The second question would probably be: How would you do it with other tools? This thought exercise typically provides you with the starting point to how you could do it in OutSystems. 

And the third one would be: Is OutSystems the best tool for it? or is it better/easier to use an existing tool (like Drools or another rule engine) and integrate it with OutSystems instead (via Web Services, REST APIs or extensions developed in C#)?