List Record Cell and Row Display the border like Table View

Hi All,

is there any way to alter the display style of list record like normal table - row and cell showing border?

also, I can see that in style editor, we can set the alignment of left/middle/right. But if I have a text element with multiple lines, by default, it centers itself. How can I also change the alignment of Top/middle/bottom?



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Hi Andy Yan,

Yes you can edit CSS using syling, the explanation how to edit CSS is available in OutyStems study materials (see here). If you have not done yet done the trainning, here is the link to a master class on CSS.


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Hi Andy,

List Records have a Line Seperator property that allows you to specify how the records inside it are displayed, "New Line", "None" and "Bullets". Depending on what you select, different things happen.

First, a List Records does not create an HTML table. So there are no rows and cells. Of course you can mimic borders etc., but this is important to realize. What the Platform does, is create an HTML span element around the data, with class ListRecords. Semantically this is very bad, but that's what it currently does (and has always done). Inside the span, the records are displayed.

For Line Seperator "New Line", the records are displayed followed by an HTML br element. For "None", there's simply no seperator, if you have only Text as content it will be concatenated into one long string. This is not very useful, so it's typical to use "None" in combination with a Container or Web Block. For "Bullets", the Platform generates an unnumbered list (HTML ul and li elements).

So if you want to style stuff, this is what you have available to use your CSS against.

As for your second question, I'm not sure what you mean. Can you give an example, perhaps an image?