[Network FileSystem] Only files from first folder & its sub directories are displayed

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Published on 2009-03-17 by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 2009-03-17 by Matthias Preuter

Hello everyone,

So I'm developing an application that is required to display all files from a directory and its sub directories.

The heirarchy is something like this:

Folder 1

  • Folder a
    • Folder a.1
      • Folder a.1.1
      • Folder a.1.2
    • Folder a.2
      • Folder a.2.1
      • Folder a.2.2
    • Folder a.3
  • Folder b
    • Folder b.1
      • Folder b.1.1
      • Folder b.1.2
    • Folder b.2
  • Folder c
    • Folder c.1

I'm using the Extension "NetworkFileSystem" and its Server Action "Directory_ListDirFiles" in order to display the data that I need. It works however, only the files of the first folder and its subdirectories are displayed (Folder a until Folder a.1.2 only).

I just learned that the "NetworkFileSystem" is deprecated so I tried to use the "FlieSystem" extension instead. However, the paramaters Domain, Username, and Password is not available on the Server Action "Directory_ListDirFiles". I need these parameters because I am connecting to a network path (//folderA/folderB/...)

Can you please help me on this?


As you point out, this component's functionality was merged into the FileSystem component a while back. I suggest you post your questions there, mentioning the missing parameters and not forgetting to add that the NetworkFileSystem's implementation also wasn't working as you'd expect it to.