[OutSystems UI Web Style Guide] Dependencies verfication error with OutSystems UI Web
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 13 Jan 2020

I wanted to install this application to get a headstart on our upcoming upgrade and tried to install it in my personal environment. When trying to install the application from the forge tab I got the following error

I then check Service Studio and indeed, I was running an older version of Outsystems UI Web. I needed to manually download the component from the forge website because the forge tab was telling me I was already running a newer version (stange). After installing that component with Service Studio and publishing it via Service Center I still got the verification error. 

Status of OutSystems UI in Service Center:

How can I fix this (other then a forced installation)?

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I received a similar error when trying to install IdP in my Personal Environment. I'm using a newer version of Outsystems UI (the latest available) but IdP is willing to use an older version. It has happened with other components and in our corporate environment. Does anyone know if there's a best practice on how to handle this?  Downgrade would seem counterintuitive and I'm hesitating on the side effects of forcing it.

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If you have a newer version of Outsystems UI installed than to  what the component you want to install is build against, than just install the component and republish it so that it will use the newer version of OutSystems UI that you have installed.

If you have older version of OutSystems installed then update to the latest version. This component is very actively maintained. It makes sense to keep it updated to the latest version.



Hi Daniel,

I think the problem is not related to the style guide itself (according to the post of Juan). 

I think that Service Studio is unable to detect the currently installed version of Outsystems UI and therefor can't install newer versions from the forge tab and verify the installed version vs the required version. I'll create a ticket for this as soon as we have upgraded to OS11.

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I think you can install it, it says 'Force Install' and the button is enabled. What is your problem doing that?

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Thanks Vicent to bring this up.

We are working on a version that will provide more accurate dependencies checking algorithm to improve the experience when installing or updating components from the forge.

Nevertheless there will be cases that the force install button will still be present, in every case where either the forge version is not compatible with what is the customer factory or the customer did some customization on the component which end-up for not being compatible with whatever is on the forge.

So stay tune because on upcoming version this process will improve, allowing to be more confidence during updating or installing forge components.