LifeTime 'Monitor & Reuse' Permission and adding depencendies to system entities


We have different teams configured in lifetime, with each their own applications that they develop.

All developers have Change & Deploy permission for the apps assigned to their team.

For all other applications they have Reuse  & Monitor permission.

When a developer defines a dependency to an entity in system, for example Role, 1 click publish fails with an error message that the developer is not allowed to publish due to the Role.

When an user with Admin permission adds the dependency and publishes, than after that developers can publish the module also.

To me, adding a dependency is 'reusing an existing element'. And one of the things that can be done with Reuse and Monitor permission is "Reuse application elements".

I do understand that System is maybe a bit special as not listed as espace or extension, still would like to understand why it works like i described.



If I had to guess, it may be that adding dependencies on System entities may not be supported for that permission level.

If I may ask, why are you using the Role entity directly, rather than using the Role-related Server Actions?


We use azure AD integration mapping azure roles on autsystems roles. But the post is  not really it about the Role entity.

Trying to add dependency to any other element from system giving the same problem. It is aboutt what I would expect from the life time permission monitor & reuse.

We worked out way around by adding all developers to a new team and added the application system components to it. So now they have change and deploy rights. They cannot change the system components anyhow so the workaround is fine. Just strange that you need a workaround.

Hi Daniël,

Is this problem only with System Entities, or also with other Applications that have "Reuse"?

Hi Kilian,

So far we only experienced this with the Systems Entities.

I will do a test today with another application with only Monitor & Reuse permission.



Thanks. This may be an unwanted remnant of the "reuse system entities" privilige that we had in version 9 of the Platform, before the new LifeTime priviliges. I've also asked Outsystems to take a look, but I don't know when I'll get an answer.


Hi Kilian and Daniël!

Sorry for take this long getting back.

Kilian, you are correct, reuse system entities is more sensitive than reuse your own logic and requires a higher permission level. However it only restricts the consumption of new references from system modules, once they are added, any developer should be able to continue changing their apps.

I noticed also that there isn't any place in our documentation that explains this topic and we will review the documentation so that it becomes more clear.


José Ramalho


Hi José,

I do not really understand why a higher permission level is required. As a developer you still are only reusing it.

Now a developer has to ask another with Change & Deploy or higher permission to define the dependency.

To me it is not a logical and pratical solution. I do agree, that if this is not changed, then at least it should be properly documented.




I am confused still :(

- Is it already documented?

- I don't understand the "Add Dependencies to System" toggle then.

It's not working as expected for me at least.

When I see that toggle set to ON, I expect developers can add/remove references from (System)