Video: How to Work with an External MySQL Database

At OutSystems, we recognize that while developers may prefer to create our own data models, we don't always have that luxury. Sometimes we have to create applications on top of existing data in a relational database outside the OutSystems platform. And our training team has a course specifically talking about just that.

This How-To video, which is a supplement to that course, demonstrates how to connect to an external MySQL database, how to create an Extension that allows you to have controlled access to tables (or views) in the external database, including changing how the entities and/or attributes are named, how data types are mapped between the native and OutSystems types, etc., and how to deploy the Extension to your OutSystems environment, and use it to create applications and scaffold data-bound screens and UIs.

If you need to work with an external Oracle database, I have a How-To for that case as well.


Keep up the good work!

Hi G. Andrew,

I'm trying to setup an external database connection with a Linux VPS I have, but no luck. I keep getting the response :

Connection String test failed: Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.

Is connecting to an external database possible with a free demo/trial version of OutSystems?

Thank you,


Great sharing, thank you very much.

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