Date Format to be in dd-mm-yyyy in Mobile application

We are developing a Mobile application in which we need to capture Date time In one Field. We need to maintain the Date time format to be dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS throughout the application.

In some mobiles date time is coming in dd-mm-yyyy format and in some mobiles it is mm-dd-yyyy.

we are using android devices and i'm not getting where to fix this. we tried changing the device date time to 24 hr and 12 hrs but nothing Worked.

Are you using Date picker pattern or normal input widget? if you use date picker you can use "onSelect" handler to convert the date time into required format. I think, for mobile apps the default date format will be same as device date format. 

 we are using an Input widget with Date Time Variable associated with it . Not a date picker.

we will have set of default date time values coming from DB. If user wants to edit he can edit those. That's why we are using an Input widget with Date Time Variable associated with it.

you can use both approaches(normal input widget & date picker with input) for displaying date values from database date

We have done our implementation using Input Widget with Date time input type. So we want to proceed as same or else it leads to lots of changes in UI and code as well. Please let me know how to maintain date time as dd-mm-yyyy HH:MM:SS using Input widget for all devices.