I have made application multi tenant, whenever i create a record in entity, tenant_id is setting to null. My question is , Is we have to set the tenant_Id explicitly or outsystem does it ? If outsystem does it why the id is null in the entity?


It appears that you have changed the table setting to display the tenant ID. By doing that, you have essentially told the platform that you are going to manage the tenant information.   This means that you will also have to manage the query filters to get data tied to a tenant ID.    This documentation might help: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Enterprise_Customers/Maintenance_and_Operations/How_to_Build_a_Multi-tenant_Application


Hi Lovish,

Since you choose to expose the TenantID of entities, by checking the "Show Tenant Identifier" you lose the automatic parts of the Outsystems that insert that value on create and filter on aggregates. Only in rare cases you check this option. In your case or you uncheck this and you let Outsystems handle TenantId for you or if you really want to have this checked you need to handle it yourself.



Thanks Stacey and Marcelo