HTTP POST from Outsystems page to vendor

I have a scenario where I need to redirect the user to a payment site via a POST form. This form needs to be displayed within outsystems; when the user clicks, they are redirected to the vendor in order to fill out information above and beyond my signed client information in the POST form. That being the case, since the client has to interact with the vendor, using something like ARDOHttp, etc in an action is not going to work.

I'm not having any success with this; despite the fact that my form has a target that exists, when the submit button is clicked, outsystems wipes out all visual content from my page and then just hangs with the processing line moving back and forth. If I copy out the exact form from the outsystems page into a .htm and submit it works correctly.

Currently, I am using an ajax refresh to put the form contents onto the page, so maybe that is the issue?


Hi Charles,

If use an Ajax Refresh, you also used an Ajax Submit instead of a normal Submit. That probably won't work. Can you try to change it to a normal Submit to see if it works correctly then?