[Oracle Connector P9] How can get more than one output parameter in procedure?

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Published on 2015-03-13 by Grazina
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Published on 2015-03-13 by Grazina

Dear all,

My return structure have 2 outputs parameters, but only the first parameter are getting filled.

Someone can help me?

Hi Renato, 

can you give us some more detail about the pl/sql procedure? It might be e.g. a naming problem, or the returned value is 0 or ''.



Hi Renato,

as Hans Dollen said, we need to see more details about stored procedure; I can give you an example that works for me to try help. For a stored procedure like this:

procedure Lista
          (pIdSolic in  number,
           pTipo    out varchar2,
           pValor   out number
           ) is
 vIdSolic number := pidsolic;

   if vIdSolic is not null then
      pTipo    := 'aa';
      pValor   := 100;
   end if;    
end Lista;

We've created this input and outputs:

and use the component this way:

For pTipo we used Text type and for pValor we used Decimal type.

One tip is that the input parameter must be a record and output parameters must be a Record List; another is that field order must be the same in the structures and stored procedure.

Hope this helps.