[Process Automation How To] Getting a BadRequest HTTP response when running the DocumentFetch API action

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Published on 2018-08-28 by Barduino
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Published on 2018-08-28 by Barduino

Dear team,

I tried testing the DocumentFetch API action after trying but failing to get a response from DocParser to parse a few PDF files I've uploaded. When I test DocumentFetch after entering the input parameter values I get the following error message:

HTTP/1.1 400 BadRequest
Content-Type: application/json

  "error": "file type not supported. only pdf/jpg/png/tiff files are supported."

I'm not exactly sure why because the files I've uploaded are definitely PDF files. Somehow DocParser doesn't recognize them as such.

Just to inform you: I've created my own DocParser account, defined some parsing rules, and edited the RPA application to work in my own personal workspace (for example I edited the url value assigned in the URL_DocParser action to work with my workspace url).