[Table Column Reorder] Behavior with Editable Table
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Forge component by Justin Babel

When I use this module with an editable table I'm seeing some odd behavior.   

When I click to move any column an empty white cell appears below the first column.   If I actually move the first column that blank cell moves along with the column and persists after the column is placed in it's new position.    

This only occurs when trying to implement with an editable table.   the dragging and persisting works wonderfully with standard tables.   Any ideas?

Hi Josh,

Up to this point, I haven't tried the component on an editable table with the new UI. It actually didn't even cross my mind until now, so thanks for pointing that out.

I will try to investigate this behavior and see if I can get it right over the next week or so, as I will be traveling most of next week.

I will follow up on this thread, hopefully with a new version, once I am able to determine if I can make it work.

Thanks again,


Much appreciated!   Many of our tables are editable so this would be quite useful.

One other thing I've noticed.   We have another sorting widget that has a right click option to do advanced sorting.   When we try to implement dragtable on tables with that widget the dragging of the table triggers the right click action even though we are left clicking to drag.   I've tried looking at the scripts associated with dragging widget but I don't see where mouse events are being specified.  Is this expected behavior?  (for left click dragging to be seen as a right click event?)

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