Is it possible to see the SQL generated by an Aggregate


Can we see the sql generated for the aggregate? If yes, please mention the place where to check the sql query




Hi Pavani,

You can't see the exact SQL being generated unless you use some kind of database monitoring tool, but if you have opened an Aggregate, there's the "Executed SQL" Property that shows the SQL in a form that's almost equal to the actual SQL:

You can double click to open the full SQL:

Make sure you have specified all Test Values, or the SQL might not be exactly what you'd expect (because Identifiers must be tested against NULL instead of compared with an equal sign).


Thanks Kilian for clarifying the doubt.

You're welcome :). Happy coding!

With version 11, you have to click any tab of the aggregate once you double-click (open)  the aggregate to see the property. Otherwise, you cannot see anything in the property area.

Hi Hongnan,

Thanks for the observation, I'll pass it along to OutSystems.