clear out the filters inside a web block


I have a pop up that calls another pop up which is indeed a web block in the first  pop up at its bottom. (it is used a modal pop up) In the first pop up whenever someone clicks in the signal  plus it must open the pop up (it does it without any problems). That new pop up has a table records with a filter functionality. 

The problem is that, at times, the filter remains there (if someone does a search). Whenever someone opens this new pop up, the filters are not being cleared. 

I am trying to use the click widget in the action that opens the modal pop up. (when someone clicks in the plus signal it calls an action to open the modal pop up, it is here that I would put a click widget with the id of the button it is inside the web block). In the modal pop up I will hide a button (with a id associated that is attributed in the click widget) and assign to it the action of the CLEAR that is used to clear out the filters... I am not sure if it will work. If not, how can we get the clear out of the filters inside a web block whenever any person calls this new pop up (from the plus signal)? Thank you. 

Hello Jorge, How are you?

Modals are not "popup"s.

They just show/hide a content (in your case, the table/List Records).
So, you need to Data Refresh the aggregate that is populating the Table/List Records widget before executing the ToggleModal action, to restart it, or it will show the data it showed the last time.

Hope this helps.


Fine, thanks, and you? :) 

That's the problem. The data is in the web block, not in the original pop up where we click in the plus signal to open the (other) pop up. In that click we run an action that execute the ToggleModal action (mind you that is not the one from the WEB PATTERNS..). We cannot refresh in this action the aggregate.... that's why I have suggested to use the click widget in the action where it is running the toggleModal to run the hidden button inside the web block. (this button will run the clear action). But I am not sure if the click widget in the action where it is also the TOOGLEMODAL action,  in the first pop up, can trigger the hidden button located in the second pop  up (the web block). 

nevertheless I cannot test it at the moment. only during the week. :) 


First question.

Why do you CAN'T refresh the web block in this action?
Just Ajax Refresh it before calling ToogleModal...



ah, ok. I misread. Yes, it is possible to refresh the wb  after the togglemodal action. :) I hope it will be enough. :) 

I would refresh before... 

But probably it will result the same :)

I will test for both cases. :) Thanks.


it is not working either. :( I have tried to put a IsLoadingScreen() in the preparaiton of the web block with the table records, and it is the same... it is not clearing out the filters whenever clicks in the plus signal.. 

Are the filters in Session Variables? If so you need to clear them explicitly with assign... (but then, would be better to have local variables instead...

they are local variables. even with the web block refresh it is not working.

This is not possible.
If you are refreshing (on an AJAX SUBMIT) the web block and the local variables are INSIDE the block, they WILL be initialized. So, you have to check your preparation to see if you are setting values for them.

I assigned wrongly the filter refresh to the whole page in the web block and not to the table records. After changing the refresh to the table records, it is working now. :)