How to create method URL for consume rest API Method

Hi ,

Can anyone tell me how to create method url in consume REST API method?

Thanks in advance.

That simply refers to the URL that you will be consuming. You are not creating anything here, you have to find/know the endpoint that you plan to use.


I am doing the course on Integration with Web Service (Retrieving data with rest API).In that there is contacts application how did set method url:



Well, in this case you just paste it in the input field.

You probably mean how you get the URL when you expose a REST web service?
Just go to the documentation of the REST interface. You can do this by right-clicking on the exposed interface and choose 'Documentation'.




Hi Pavani Puvvada,

Just paste the URL in the input field. Then continue to the end of the exercise and when finished, it will looks like this:
Read the exercises carefully, they are easy to do.