Currently when enabling app feedback on an application you can activate it by holding 2 fingers on the screen.

Now I was wondering, would it be possible to activate this functionality by for example pressing a feedback button in the bottombar?

Thanks in advance!

Why do you want to take up space on-screen for App Feedback? 

If the issue is discoverability, perhaps you can include the instructions on start-up, per this doc:


Hello Andrew,

First of all thanks for the suggestion.

I think it's for discoverability indeed, I can try and suggest this to my customer but I'm pretty sure they would just like a button they can tap so the functionality gets activated. The main problem with  your solution is that: or i have to show the screen every time they log in or I just show it once and they will probably forget about it if they don't use it alot.

We found an older topic about this, but the suggested solution works only partially.



This seems to work, but only if you opened the feedback in the normal way first. If you never opened the feedback screen after starting the app, the button/script just doesn't do anything.


Solved that issue by putting the AppFeedbackHelp weblock on the screen.