ListAppend action not available


I'm trying to create my first chart and getting some issues with the environment we have in my company. I read all the stuff regarding charts, but during the preparation part, when I'm getting the values to populate in the Datapoint, the Server Action ListAppend is not available. Has anyone gone through this?


Hi Vinicius Mommensohn,

Check your dependencies.


Tks Samuel. I did alreary, list append appers as client actions only, not server actions and the client actions are blured, not able to select it to include...


If is on the client action folder it is already included, try searching for it on the search bar or on the logic tab.

Let me put some pics to try to show the situation... This below is the page of dependencies. As you can see, ListAppend shows as part of Client actions, but it's unmarked and I cant select this.

When I try to put the action into my flow and search for List, only ListDuplicate and ListRemove appears:

In Logic's tab, there is nothing related to ListAppend:

Please help me!!! I cant get my charts to work without this ListAppend...



Please disregard! I found where the ListAppend was in the list Server Action dependencies... Sorry about taking your time, my mistake. Tks.