Hi, I am developing a mobile app that has the following login screen: 

However, when I try to run it on Outsystems Now, the bottom white bar with the navigation arrows of Outsystems Now covers the Login and Register buttons. Is it possible to disable this navigation bar?

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Hi.. OutSystems Now is just a testing utility. it's not meant to deploy apps on and as such you have really no customization over it. If you want customization over your mobile app, then do a build from the Native tab on your mobile app. Either the Android or iOS one and test your app that way.


Hi Bruno,

I encountered the same problem. Apparently there are two different QR-codes that you can scan to get into your application on Outsystems Now. 

Firstly the one in service center under the 'native platforms' tab. This one will lead you to the app including the navigation bar at the bottom. (link looks like: https://name.outsystemscloud.com/PreviewInDevices/OpenQRCode.aspx?url=AppName)

Secondly the one when you preview your app in the browser at the right of your screen. I you use the latter one it will somehow not show the navigation bar at the bottom. (link looks like: https://name.outsystemscloud.com/NativeAppBuilder/App?Name=AppName

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