Additional LifeTime environment.


I have a hybrid setup of OS 11 - development +  testing is on Cloud and production is on premise.

Production environment was installed recently with the latest version of Platform Server. While adding the production environment to LifeTime I was given an error message "Unable to register environment that has a Platform Version higher than LifeTime. Upgrade LifeTime to version or higher to register this environment"

I have asked Support for upgrading the LifeTime to recent version. 

Just checking the possibility of having another installation of LifeTime ( latest version ) and add all these environments ( development, testing and production ) so that I can go live with my production environment. Later once OS upgrade LifeTime I can come back. Is this something doable / allowed or any side effects ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Siya,

If all these environments comprise one factory, I wouldn't do that. Just wait for OS to upgrade the LifeTime server. See also here with regards to LifeTime and Platform versions.

Sure. Thanks for the advice.