DB migration from Outsystems to AWS S3 PostgreSQL

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How can i migrate the DB from Outsystems to PostgreSQL in AWS?

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Which database? Are you still using OutSystems? What's your goal?

Hi Stacey,

The goal is to move our Outsystems DB to PostgreSQL in AWS, but we are still using  Outsystem platform.

What are be the challenges and steps to be taken?

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Ok.. So let me be more clear - there is the platform database, with logs, meta data, etc.  This absolutely can not be on Postgres.  As for your application data, you can move it to wherever you want. There is no automated way to do this. You will need to use whatever ETL tools you are familiar with. Keep in mind that Postgres is not an officially supported database, so you would have to use the community support connector.  This also only works if you host the platform yourself. If you are using the OutSystems cloud, you can not use that connector. If that is the case, your only option would be to build an API layer to access the data. In either case, you have a good bit of work to rewrite things -especially any Advanced SQL queries that you may have written.

Hi Stacey,

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Let us just say that we have a Postgres DB and a connector which is also have been created  (this link).

and we will just change the location of our DB from Outsystens to our Private cloud  but the development will be still on the Outsystems.

Do we just change the DB Connections and re-publish which all the entities will be created or do we still need an ETL for this to move the entity and use integration studio.

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This will be an external database so the table creation and maintenance will be on you now. Manually create the tables OutSystems de the platform. ETL the data. Use integration studio to connect to the new tables. Start to figure out what application changes are necessary.