Problem when trying to import a .NET assembly

Hi Guys,

just trying to import a custom assembly (.NET classic) in outsystem.

The first import is good but after that, I've got the following message

Which could make sense even if the assembly already exist in the same dll that I'm importing.

The problem is that when I click on the browse button, the integration app is freezing and nothing more happens.

i've tried to import a similar project but in .NET core but I've got the same issue

Hi Jérome,

Did you check whether Assembly references are added properly or not?
As you have already told that its DLL that you are trying to import, is that DLL is using some other references?

Also I would advice you to open a Support Case with OutSystems, if you are facing the issue of Integration App Freezing. (Try with another machine first or with system reboot as this is not a general issue which we are facing while browsing assemblies)



Just to add in case anyone comes across this issue.

This seems to be a problem of Integration Studio. In case you face this, you can workaround it by writing down the path of the dll in the input field and then click the Load button.