Refresh block outside of scope


I'm having trouble finding a solution to following problem.

I have a web app connected to a custom api. I have a couple of call to this api which also trigger an update of the user's remainign credit, etc.

so simple example:

The user submits a form which is persisted in the backend. After the call i update the user's credits, these credits are permanently displayed in the top navigation.

Is it possible to refresh a portion of that navigation after initiating an ajax refresh from a different part of the screen?

Kind regards,


If you give a name to that top navigation element you should be able to use a Ajax refresh function on that element.

Hi Lewis os,

You can do refresh multiple places of web page at time, Keep navigation under container and give name to that and keep one more ajax refresher in logic. that should work.



Thnx for the response, however I can't seem to get it to work. 

Gave everything inside the topbar a name down to the field displaying the credits.
But when i place the ajax refresh inside the forn the only blocks available for refresh are the ones inside the form block.