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I am using CKEditor to collect information in a text field.  I am now trying to display that text on a form without the mark-up showing up, but I would like to show the formatted text.  Below is a simple sample of what is returned.

<p><span style="color:#e74c3c">I want this to display as Red.</span></p><br/><br/><p><span style="color:#3498db">And this as blue.</span></p><br/>

I am sure it is something simple, but what do I need in order for that text to display as red and blue

Thank you in advance.



Hi Travis,

You can use a expression with the property "escape content" set to "No".

But you need to be careful because users can include <script> tags and harmful code in ckeditor since you aren't escaping the text.



Hi, can we display the html content using RunJavaScript Server Action(Traditional) using window.open() ?

I'm having html content and script inside html tags

Below is the sample of my HTML



 window.onload = function() {  }  } </script>

 <script src=""</script>

 <script>var options ={""}}





Hi Sandeep,
If the content is not from a User response(Security concern) ,it can be generated in an expression--with Escape Content set to No

Thank you for the quick response.

I tried that previously, but then added that EncodeHTML function to the expression as per the warning service studio gave me.  I didn't think to try it without the function.  Clearly I am not a real web developer.  :)

Thank you again!!!


Hi Travis,

EncodeHtml() escapes all the HTML tags. That's why it wasn't working.



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