[ACME Styleguide] Looses Connection to Lisbon Theme

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Published on 2018-11-12 by Alexandre Santos
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Published on 2018-11-12 by Alexandre Santos

Am I right in thinking this approach looses the connection to the Lisbon Theme?

So if my MyApp_Theme is based on the Lisbon Theme and I loose the connection to Lisbon Theme because I have cloned the Lisbon Theme and merged the Patterns_Lisbon with the Lisbon_Theme  CSS 25 minutes into the video below:


When Outsystems publish an update to the Lisbon Theme the update does not get pulled through into MyApp_Theme and MyApps?


Hi Charles!

Yes, that's exactly what it's going to happen, but that's exactly what you should want to have.

In terms of updates, Lisbon Theme is stable, so the only thing you will see updates is Silk UI, not Lisbon. You can take a look at the changelog and see what is being updated.



Hi Alexandre

Thanks, that is a helpful.

I have found the recommended architecture for building a collection of apps sharing a common UI framework with differing themes is difficult to discover in the guides and documentation.