Error:HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.


I have been learning the Outsystems platform but today I am receiving the service unavailable message when I try to access

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dipali Chechare,

Did you check any errors in service center ? deployment is success ?

Can explain little more about the issue or give us the screenshots.


2019-04-05 07:16:19Users
Scheduler Service: Error executing request for Timer CleanLoginAttempts. Request duration = 2 secs. [Timer failed before starting: please check if there are any errors in this module]SchedulerS4WEG-LT6AYBDetail
2019-04-05 06:28:10
Error deploying eSpace 'AssessmentPortal_main' in S4WEG-LT6AYBDeployS4WEG-LT6AYBDetail
2019-04-05 06:28:10
Error finalizing deploy of eSpace 'AssessmentPortal_main' with unique identifier 43404eb3-c929-4f9d-96de-771e457001c6 in S4WEG-LT6AYBDeployS4WEG-LT6AYBDetail
2019-04-05 06:27:19LifeTimeEngine
Module with key 4989fc76-2b27-43fe-8608-34f5fd534eb8 was not found.REST (Consume)S4WEG-LT6AYBDetail

These Errors are occuring in service center but 1-Click publish is successful.

Any solution?