Ii have the following js links in the header of page 1:

Then I have the following js links in header of page 2:

Page 2 uses a custom made template.

In both pages I have a link attached to a popup editor widget. Both are correct.

In page 2 the popup does not appear. In page 1 the popup does appear.

I see that the iframe code which needs to be inserted by the script at the end of the body content is not inserted at all in page 2.

What also baffles me is that page two shows popup_editor_en.js in the header while page 1 does not. No idea as to why this script tag is inserted and if it could cause the issue.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

When you say "Page 2 uses a custom made template" are you talking about an application template, or a screen template? Or are you talking about a layout?

It may be that the default template (what you're using for Page 1) automatically includes the necessary markup and script for the feedback message popup.

If you can provide an OML with a simple example of the issue, that might help in troubleshooting.


Hi, thanks for your feedback. I already found the culprit. There was javascript loaded twice. Once in the code I showed and once further up in the html. I missed that initially.