[Explosion] Usability Doubt

Forge Component
Published on 2019-04-04 by Bernardo Condé
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Published on 2019-04-04 by Bernardo Condé


How does this component work and how can I apply it in my app.

Thank you


Hi, how are you?

Well, first, you should apply the javascrip code on your screen or application.

After that, on your screen, you should put a container with the Style Classes "explodeCarriage" and in it you apply an onclick with a javascript that will grab the positions of the screen and apply in the correct place.

Finally, in the place where the explosion will be executed, in Style Classes you put "Web Cart".

Now in your action or button or link, which you click to execute the action, you run a RunJavaScript having to click through the classname of the container that has the onclick.

A good way to use it as an example is to emphasize somewhere that changes some value, in some shopping cart, etc., that you wanted to draw attention to the user that it has undergone a change.

Note: The Style Class names you will define, but in the javascripts that will be executed, the names must be linked.

Any questions I am at your disposal, I hope to help you, hugs.