Hello all

We have a requirement on one of our screens to allow the user to filter data in a table.

We can use check boxes to let the user check and un-check for instance the "Recent" records but a preferred approach is to rather make use of buttons that when a user press it it will stay push-in (pressed) to indicate that it is selected. When a user press the button again it will be be un-selected.  Much like a checkbox behavior but only looking like a button.

We search the forums to see if there is any button available and the closes is button groups - but it seems that there only one button in the group can be selected at any time.

Our requirement however is that the user can select one or more of the buttons - for instance the user can press the Recent and or any of the other buttons (potentially all three buttons) at any point in time.

Can you please advise if there is any button (group) or approach available to achieve this please?

many thanks



Use a link with dynamic style to change its appearance from a button to a selected button depending on a condition.

You can use the extended properties of the link to give to the class attribute a class as result of your check, and use ajax refresh to refresh the link, for example.

Probably there are other (better?) solutions?


P.S. You can also use JavaScript to toggle the style when the link is clicked