[Drag-n-drop Sortable List] Links and buttons no longer work when you use the forge component Drag-n-drop Sortabl

Forge Component
Published on 2018-10-23 by Armando Gomes
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Published on 2018-10-23 by Armando Gomes

I'm trying to use this component in a list of records, however when putting the component on screen and setting it correctly following the demo project of it, all the links and screen buttons stop working as if they were not even triggered, would be some problem with the 11 version of the platform?

Hi João,

Are you trying to use a Table Record or a Record List? When you try to drag and drop do you notice the order is updated or nothing happens? 

I was able to test the demo successfully using OS 11: https://veratiago.outsystemscloud.com/SortableDemo/SortablesTR.aspx

Yes, I noticed that the problem is occurring in a specific scenario, where this exception is displayed in the browser console.

Only in this scenario when having the component on the screen all requests are blocked.

Hey João,

Can you share the scenario?


Hello, the problem was because I was calling via ajax request a web block that had the sortable. the same was not injected.

but I have a new problem, when persisting in the back end the order of the list items, when moving something in the list record when the handler is triggered input parameter "message" does not receive any "nid" even if it has been set in sortable-wrapper.