Use Java Script to delay onChange Action

Hi guys, 

I am running a mobile app used to scan barcodes. To capture the barcodes I use a simple input field with an onChange action to allow multiple scans. (I scan in a input field with a bluetooth scanner)

So everytime I scan a new barcode the app clears the input field and I can scan the next barcode. Unfortunately the action is to fast for "longer" barcodes and the onChange is triggered befor the whole barcode is captured. 

I wrote a java which might help here:

this should help out but as I am a freshman I have no Idea where to place the delay in my code to run the function.

I tried it with several options. For exaple this way:

But there is no effect at all...

Maybe someone knows an option... 



Hi Tobias,

Take a look into this thread. The Ricardo´s answers should working to you:  "You can change the trigger delay of an "On Change", by setting the osOnChangeTimerDelay javascript variable."

Best Regards


Hi Fábio,

many thanks. Actually I just don´t know where to use the Script. 

If I use it in the action flow (like in the example above) nothing happens... (By the way: If I put in a "Hello World" allert it is shown). 

If I try to put the action in the Input fields attributes or events nothing happens neither...

Best regs 


Hi Fábio and Tobias,

I am not 100% sure but I recall when working on a mobile project, with simular issues as described by Tobias in this thread, we also looked at osOnChangeTimerDelay but this didn't seem to be usable for mobile applications only web applications.