How can I disable the TimePicker in a form?


I have a TimePicker inside of a Form, when I disable the form depending on a condition, all the fields within the form are disabled except of the TimePicker it is still editable which should not be the case, even when I set that specific field's Enabled= False, I still can edit it, which is weird!

Does anyone know about it?

Thank you so much for your help. 

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Hey Khouloud,

I think this is a bug. I do have a possible workaround.

Place a container around the timepicker and add the css: 'pointer-events: none;'. You can do this in the extended properties using the same condition as you use to disable the form.

Hi khouloud khezami,

If you are okay to use javascript and your condition check is in screen action you can use "RunJavascript" action which is in HTTPRequestHandler module(OS provided). and apply styles or display property to that particular html element.


Create a Boolean local variable and keep that as Enable property of your container and in your action change the value of this Boolean variable accordingly and do ajax refresh of that container. 


Ramakrushnarao Seera

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Usually, it should not show if you set Enable=False for that associated input.

Can you please add a few screenshots here to get a better idea. (Properties of input and timepicker)

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Hi khouloud,

In the extended properties, you can conditionally apply styles and classes. A possible solution could be something like this:

EDIT: If you want to add a class instead of inline css style, replace style with class, and add the css classname specified in the stylesheet instead of pointer-events: none;.

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Can you please share the link to this page if it is anonymous, If not public you can share personally.
And Also select timepicker and send its property too.

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I was having the same problem, and I solved using the "Template" option from TimePicker. 

You create a condition, and when you don't want the TimePicker to appear, use the Template Entities.TimePicker_Template.None