Aggregate- Formatting group by on report

I am trying to create a basic report showing the number of open and closed cases for each day in a span selected by the user.   

I have been able to accomplish what I want by counting the Case.ID and grouping by the Create Date and the Status.   However the way the data is presented in the table is less than desirable.  Does anyone have any tips or tricks to make this look better?   Using a BI tool like MicroStrategy I would normally show all of the counts for a particular date on the same line in the report.  So each date would only be displayed once and then the Status counts would span multiple columns on that line.



In your aggregate you can add a field for each Status - if they are not to many-  that field has a 1 if the row is in that status or a 0 if it do not. Group by date and instead of use the count of the rows , use the sum for this new fields to count the status. 

Hope this help


I'm pretty new to Outsystems and honestly I'm not sure how to add fields to the aggregate?   I have the status in the aggregate already but I can't figure out how to duplicate it and/or specify that I want it to be status="Open" or status = "done"


Hello Josh,

You can create new output columns in an aggregate clicking here: 

For each different status, you want to count, you can create a new Attribute, and set the formula like this:

After having your new columns, you can group by date and do the SUM in the columns where you defined 1 or 0 depending on the status.

The final result:

Now you have the count of each status for a date in the same line.

Hipe this helps.



Thank you so much, this is perfect!