Corrupted files when downloading from the database

Hi guys,

We're facing an issue where we're getting corrupted files when downloading them from the database. But the strange thing is, this issue only happens when the files are downloaded from a specific eSpace. If I download the exact same file from a different eSpace, everything works.

This is a cloud environment. The code to download the files is exactly the same in both eSpaces, and it's as simple as it gets:

Any clues as to what may be causing this?

Hi Aurelio Junior ,

Does your filename has an extension? 

when you use download widget , you need to provide file name with proper extension  and content -type

if your data is xml   -                <filename>.xml

if your data is Excel -              <filename>.xslx

if your data is text -                  <filename>.txt


thanks & Best Regards,

Ramakrushnarao Seera


Check your OnBeginWebRequest code in the "faulty" eSpace, could be something corrupting the HTTP response as mentioned in this post:


Hi Shanny,

That was my issue (call to the AddFaviconTag action from the HTTPRequestHandler extension in OnBeginWebRequest).

Thank you!