Hi All,

Anyone know what's the point of disabling an application?

Doing it puts all of its eSpaces offline, but other than that does it do anything else?

From my, admittedly brief, analysis they still count for the application objects licensing limit and are still validated by LifeTime. Oh, and if they expose REST web services, you can still get their documentation and swagger.

While I get the application objects thing, otherwise people could just play with enabling and disabling applications to circumvent licensing limitations, I really don't get why LifeTime cares whether or not it’s compatible with what your promoting, since it’s, well, offline anyway, so it’s not like anyone is going to use it.

And yes, I get that other eSpaces could be referencing the disabled eSpaces, but to me that’s a really bad idea, and problems just waiting to happen.

So, what’s the point of it then?

Hi Carlos,

I think you disable an application if you do not want to allow users to use the application for a certain period. For example to do some maintenance or data fix or whatever.