I have created a New blank app just for the sake of testing the Video Control by OutSystemsUIMobile. 

I have used a sample video from the url :


while the control properties have these settings: 

However i noticed that i can't go into fullscreen whenever i click this button.

It however works all the time whenever i'm using the Preview in Google Chrome. While it also works on a fresh install of the generated APK of the mobile application. Whenever the app is closed and opened, the fullscreen button does not work anymore. It will work on the other hand whenever i clear the Mobile app data and cache via the application settings in my Android Phone. 

My question is why does it only work after a clean install or whenever i cleared my cache and data? And are there any settings or preferences that i need to include in my Mobile application so that the fullscreen feature would work everytime i click it? 

My goal is that the default settings of the MobileApp is in Portrait mode which it would turn to Landscape mode only when the Full screen button in the video player is clicked.

My Outsystems Service studio version is while my Personal Environment version is Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me.

Hello Kyle,

I am in Service Studio version 11.0.420.0 and I can't reproduce the problem. Is it possible for you to upgrade?


Hello Jay,

Thank you for the quick reply. Just another Info that i might add, i am also working on a project for a client which uses an Enterprise environment which has a lower version of 10.0.828.0. 

We are currently developing a mobile application there which uses the Video Control with the same settings as i have used in my personal environment. Since both mobile applications in both versions (10.0.820.0 and don't change the video to fullscreen at every click, i will try to upgrade my personal environment or try at another environment to see if its really the environment that causes the problem.

Will try to give an update at the soonest possible time. 

Hi Jay! 

Just wanna share an update on using an updated version of the Service Studio. Apparently even updating it to the latest version did not help on the issue. I tried running the mobile application on two devices already but it ended the same way. 

The video will turn Fullscreen on the first run of the mobile app. After closing the Application and reopening it, the video will play as normal however the fullscreen button does not work anymore. It will work once the app data and cache is cleared, as if its a new install. 

I will attach an OML of the mobile application which i am using on Service Studio 11.0.501.0 which runs on an personal environment 

I can also include a video recording of my phone, if it can help, which i demonstrate how i reproduce the issue since you can't reproduce it. 

Again the problem occurs after the first Run of the mobile application, which the Fullscreen button seems to be disabled. But during the first run or after the application data/cache is cleared, the fullscreen button works.

Thank you so much