Server grinding to a halt; Deployment service unreachable

Hi all,

This morning I discovered I could not access my apps and LifeTime via the browser, and deploying took so long ( >10 minutes) that I aborted the publishing attempt by closing Service Studio and created a concurrent publishing error in doing so. (I solved it eventually by clicking 'Redeploy current version' in Service Center, but that took a long while, too). I'm still waiting on a deployment, 15 minutes in; it's stuck on step 4, deploying the application to IIS.

The Environment Health tab in Service center displays some warnings and an error. The Deployment Controller gives a warning because the deployment time exceeds the warning threshold by a few thousand seconds, the Deployment has an error because the 'Deployment' service couldn't be reached, and sometimes, the Scheduler displays warnings because of scheduled tasks exceeding the warning threshold, too.

I've contacted Support, but seeing as it is a personal development environment I don't know how long it will take for them to reply. I've read all the posts I could find on this topic, too, and some mentioned using the command prompt to restart the Deployment service on the OutSystems server, but since it's a cloud environment I'm quite confused on how to do that.

Does anyone have information on how to solve this? 

P.S. The environment version is

Hello Monique, how are you?

Are there any logs regarding Lifetime in Service Center?

Hi Jay, I'm fine, how are you?

There are no logs regarding Lifetime in Service Center, unfortunately (I checked individual Lifetime modules, too).


Hm.. Then I suggest reaching support... I had a similar problem in the past (in a personal environment before I joined OutSystems :)) and support replied relatively fast.

Sorry I can't be of more help...


HI Monique,

This being a personal environment managed in Outsystems cloud you do not have much options to check at your end . Better will be to create a support case in and they will solve your problem.



I feared as much, I'll wait for support to answer my ticket then. Thanks for taking the time to reply!