Cannot read property 'removeEventListener' of undefined


I am working on an enterprise environment and I am building a mobile app. All of a sudden since last week I started getting the above mentioned error when the user moves from one screen to another. I have updated all the references and it did not fix the problem. (This was suggested on another forge discussion.)

I tried to debug the error but it does not show up on the debugger, only on the screen. It does not cause any database actions, client or server actions to fail and after the error appears the app functions normally.

What is this error and how can I get rid of it?



I face the same issue. You will not track there in any action, because is a JS error, related to list events on layout. 

In my case, I handle it in the Global On Exception, because will not impact the user action, I hide the error.

You can have other approach, but you can handle it in On Exception.

Thanks Camila, I have done the same now to keep the users happy for now ... but I don't think it is the perfect solution. Let's see if someone else maybe knows what is causing this.

I found the same error lately. 

In my case, i just find out how to use 'SwipeEvent'. But, because i didn't use it correctly, this error shows when i move to the other pages. (

but after i use it correctly, the error never showed up again. Is the case similiar like yours? in here i post the oml to reproduce the error. To remove the error, just drag the  "Utilities\SwipeEvents" bellow SwapContainer.