Get User From Active Directory

Hi Guys,

Need your help on this. I need to be able to get all the list of users in the Active Directory.

Steps that I did.

1. enable active directory in the Users - OK
2. Manually created the User exactly the same username in the Active Directory - OK

    Username: DomainName\Username

3. Tried to login to the Application Using Manually Created User- OK
4. Added the Authentication.xif in the reference. - OK
5. Test the AD_ListUser (method/action) - FAILED

I am getting the error 'The Supplied Argument Cannot Be null'. The only argument that needs to be supplied is TRUE or FALSE. I supplied TRUE in the Argument.

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Hi Michael,

Can you get a full stacktrace for the error in Service Center?


João Rosado

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There should be another related error log with the stacktrace inside the extension, can you post that as well?

João Rosad

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This are the only Error in Service Center, both are saying 'The Supplied Argument Cannot be Null'

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The second log (the one that has "Extension metho" in the module) should have more stack information in the details.

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I have same problem, I check the extension error log  as following

The supplied arguments cannot be null.
at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.AuthenticablePrincipal..ctor(PrincipalContext context)
at System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement.UserPrincipal..ctor(PrincipalContext context)
at OutSystems.NssActiveDirectory.CssActiveDirectory.MssAD_SearchUser(String ssSearch, Int32 ssSearchBy, Boolean ssActiveOnly, String ssIgnoreOU, RLADUserRecordList& ssADUsers)
   at ssCaseManagement.RssExtensionActiveDirectory.MssAD_SearchUser(HeContext heContext, String inParamSearch, Int32 inParamSearchBy, Boolean inParamActiveOnly, String inParamIgnoreOU, RecordList& outParamADUsers)

It looks for authentication credential, where can I configure these information?