Outsystems screen lifecycle.

What happens to the screen if it stays open for a long time? For instance, I have a form user needs to fill out, he starts doing that but doesn't press a submit button and returns back to the screen after a couple hours. After pressing submit the preparation run again, but screen input parameters are blank. What's the best way to handle this situation if I want to save values on the screen? 

If you have a default time out on the session, you don't basically have to do nothing. After the time out is reached the user is automatically logoff meaning that if the page requires authentication the application will redirect you to the login page. 

If you want to achive the behavior that you said, it is not recomended to have that long session timeouts but you can manipulate the session timeout using this component


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I understand it's not recommended, but is there a chance I can keep the working form open for a long time? I never reached the automatic logoff, could you tell me where do I set this session timeout setting? 

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There si related forum thread , you can go through this for better understanding.