Merging on columns and rows using Data Grid

I have an inquiry to make regarding the usage of one of the components in Forge which is the new Data Grid. I would like to know how to enable a multiple child column to merge in a single column. I will provide graphical examples in order to explain my inquiry. 

The followings are a screenshot of my ongoing project. I need to prepare a data grid so that its able to cater for the input of the product. 

The following screenshots are example of output needed to be implemented in the data grid. 

I could appreciate it if you can help me with my current problem and Im open for other suggestion and recommendations if you wish to supply one. Thank you in advance. 

Hi Mirin Bhakhari,

I'm sure we don't have child column concept in Data Grid, its has very limited functionality.

Yours is custom requirement, I think you need to build yourself rather than using this gird.

Have look here might be useful, it will be like below.


Hi Mirin,

Data grid has this other component with samples. If you use try now button you can check what is possible to achieve with the component. In advance samples you can check there is some examples that match what you are trying to accomplish. To know how it was done just download the component and take a look into it.