How do I apply the CardWhite style to a container?

Hello Kusaka,

What template are you using? I tried a few and I couldn't find the CardWhite style.

Alternatively you can copy and paste the style here and I'll check it for you.

Kusaka Yui wrote:

How do I apply the CardWhite style to a container?

Hi Kusaka,

SyntaxEditor Code Snippet

    background-color: #FFF;
    color: #333;
    padding: 15px;

Hope this will help you




Hi Kusaka Yui,

Always try to give more information related question it should be self explanatory.

As per my understanding you want use class to apply styles to container. If so please find the steps.

1. Create class and define styles in it.( You need declare this on page level or project level, find screen shot for page level )

2. Use the class in Container.

Hope this helps.



Hello Kusaka,

Could you please avoid using this "big" font in your posts? There is no need and make the reading unpleasant.

Also, don't get me wrong, but I must ask. Did you made the Online training? Or are you trying to to the old final project (not available anymore online for O11) without it?

If you did not finished the online training, I recommend you to do so BEFORE trying to do anything else. 

If you did, than you are clearly not ready to develop in OutSystems. You may want to keep exploring the online training a bit more, redoing it, reading more deeply the documentation.

You would probably benefit of a live training.

You could also consider to take basic programming training before using OutSystems, because it makes life easier, but only if you know how to program, and you seems very inexperienced.

Don't get me wrong. I'm really trying to help you, but you will not be able to develop in OutSystems doing things like this.


Agree with Eduardo,

Its always good to have basic programming knowledge before trying OutSystems, it makes your life easier.


Hey Kusaka,

Getting help from others is easier, but working hard and trying things out yourself is what helps you to learn.
I know a good place to start learning programming: it has alot of different languages you can pick up, for free!

When going for web development I highly recommend doing some CSS, javascript, jquery and html courses.

Also Python is a great language to get into, it should help you understand some basics in programming.
There's a ton of explanation on there aswell. It should take a day max to finish a few courses, after which you should have a greater understanding of the basics.

These basics don't only apply to Outsystems, but to development in general.

I hope this helps you forward a bit.