[Redirect and Post] Receiving data error when redirecting.

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Published on 2019-03-20 by André Alho
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Published on 2019-03-20 by André Alho

I'm trying to use this module in order to authenticate into a 3rd party platform. While the redirect is working, I'm getting an error from the 3rd party site that indicates the POST parameters are formatted incorrectly. I know this as I tested this in pure javascript outside of OutSystems and was able to authenticate correctly.

The correct param format is { LoginID: "encryptedString" }

I'm using a local variable called Data

Here's what the data variable looks like with a breakpoint. I redacted the encrypted string but its just a plain text string. Do you see any issues with how this is set up? Thanks!



I see that the list has 0 records and IsEmpty = True.

Are you just setting the current row value?

Can you try it with ListAppend?



Hey just needed a ListAppend like you said. It's working perfectly now! Thank you very much for the quick reply.