[MQTT Web Client] Outsystems 11 stable version?

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Published on 2019-06-05 by Barduino
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Published on 2019-06-05 by Barduino


We are planning to upgrade to Outsystems 11. The latest version that this component is stable for is 10. Is it possible that the component will break when upgrading to 11?

With kind regards,

Ana Bocaniciu

Hi Ana

A simple upgrade should work just fine.

There is a new feature in P11, the events, that will make this component much simpler and similar to the P10 Mobile version. 

If you are upgrading an application from P10 to P11 the simple upgrade is the way to go at least initially.

If you are creating a new P11 application then you might want to try and implement the events.

Either way it will work.



Yes, it is a stable version,

if you need to migrate from Outsystem10 to Outsystem11 some modules/components may not work you may need to re-work on it.