[SimpleQRCode Reader] Demo shows only a black rectangle or nothing

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Published on 2019-09-05 by Miguel Meireles
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Published on 2019-09-05 by Miguel Meireles

Hi Miguel,

I have a laptop with an integrated camera. The camera id switched on and desktop applications - as Skype - can use it. But in the case of your Demo (I try to use HTML5):

  • Chrome: "Start" shows a black rectangle (the Video source is pretty named "Integrated camera (nnnn:mmmm))
  • FireFox, Edge: "Start" shows nothing (the Video source is named "camera 1") 
  • IE: when loading the QRReader2 page it says that "Error: MediaDevices is not supported", Video dropdown is empty and "start" deos, of course, nothing

In the case of Flash I also get only a black rectangle.

Can something in Windows be improperly configured? Could you advise me?


Tomasz M. Lipinski


Hi Tomaz

I use this browser

>Chrome Version: 74.0.3729.108

Opera version: 60.0.3255.59

Edge Version: 42.17134.1.0  EdgeHTML Version: 17.17134

Firefox version: 66.0.3

and it works, in chrome the url must be "https" and the other browsers ask permission for the site to work with the camera and the answer has to be yes.

In IE, you should use the flash version, because IE does not have the MediaDevices API. 

If you did that which is above and gives nothing. I would ask if you can see if you have any errors in the browser console




HI Miguel,

well, I've done nothing else but launched the demo again - and now it works....

Nevertheless - thank you :-)