Unable to get result using third party DLL after converting xif

Today I am trying to using one of DLL on Outsystems by converting to xif. This DLL already I am using on my Visual Basic application to get results.

Actually this DLL has connecting string to the SQL database fetching required data.

If I open the xif on Visual Studio (inside Extension) found the SQL connection string not appears.

My question can we can not get accessing external SQL database using third party DLL in side OutSystems?.

Hi Skumar,

There's the official documentation on integrating with an external database. It explains the steps to take when you want to use database tables as Entities in OutSystems (i.e. query them using Aggregates or SQL etc.).

Using a DLL that does some black magic to connect to an external database is possible, but you cannot use that connection inside OutSystems - the most you can do is write Actions to access the data through the Extension, but you can't query the tables etc.