Gmail blocks sending email from Outsystems 11 Web application.

I have to translate from Dutch so the exact words can be different. 

We have an OS11 web application and use a Gmai account te send email from this application. 

In Gmail we find that our application does not meet the required security standards.

It is possible to allow our application access (Check: Allow apps with a lower security) and then it works fine, but it does not feel right that Outsystems does not meet the required security standards.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Jaacov de Leeuw

The reason for the warning is that the built in method of sending email from the platform uses username/pw authentication. According to Google, this is the reason for the warning. If you want to do something else, you would need to create your own integration point and method to send emails.


The username/password that OS uses is valid for most providers, 

Google recommends more security, meaning, two-factor authentication. Username/password is too basic and not recommended.

You can always use Google API to send the emails, instead of the OS email functionality.